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Business Valuation is the process of determining the “Economic Worth” of a Company based on its Business Model and external
environment and supported with reasons and empirical evidence.

Business valuation constitutes an essential element, regardless of whether you are a start-up or a global enterprise. It enables
you to know the exact value of your business and further helps you devise investor and business strategies.

Business valuation is critical for transactions including fund raising, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), sale of businesses, strategic
business decisions, voluntary value assessment and also for regulatory compliance, tax and financial reporting purposes in India
under RBI, Income Tax, Companies Act, SEBI Laws etc. Better Corporate Governance is also leading to requirement of
independent Business Valuations.

We specialize in a range of business valuation methods and use the most appropriate one to ensure we compute the correct
value of the business of our clients.

Asset Approach (NAV)

a. Book value method
b. Replacement cost method
c. Liquidation value method


Income Approach

a. Discounted Cash Flow Method
b. Capitalization of Earning Method


We provide loss of profit quantifications in diversified business dispute situations. Our team of valuation experts helps legal
teams in preparation of highly defendable quantifications. We provide pronounced opinions in the capacity of financial advisors
to legal teams for quantification of impact of business combinations due to abuse of dominant positions which are routinely
witnessed in CCI matters.

We offer dependable calculation of liabilities on disputes related to SHAs, Minority shareholders claim etc. We are also
equipped with experienced specialists who can provide critical insights into civil contract, construction and real estate disputes.

Recently, our report was used as evidence in a case lodged by minority shareholders against the majority shareholders and
directors of a company with respect to the alleged unfair buyback price for shares being offered to the minority shareholders to
facilitate their exit from the company.

Recently, we have also advised an industrialist family with respect to valuation of their businesses for resolving dispute
amongst brothers after the fathers untimely death during COVID-19.

We were hired as expert witnesses for loss quantification for a reputed group due to arbitrary cancellation of the ongoing
contract by Government Authorities.

We were also engaged by a reputed manufacturing Company for the preparation of Loss of profits quantification report due to
withdrawal of loan facilities by Leading Bankers.

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