Move On- keep the noise out.

The virus is the New CA.

Too much noise about the pandemic, which for obvious reasons is sometimes good but let it not take us all away from our purpose.

This article i write dedicated to all the CA students who have been preparing for their exams now for quite some time & due to unprecedented delays have been studying continually & not not been able to appear for them.

Spread of the virus has similar offtake to the students preparing to take their CA exams.

Both are difficult to crack. Appearing for a CA exam is by no means easy. To come out successful in both needs back braking effort. Being casual in your approach will mean disaster, in one it could be with your life, while the other impacts career.

In both cases you need to be quarantined. In one its 2 to 3 weeks, while in the other its 2 to 3 months. Keep away from all distractions is the message to be followed for both. Once there you automatically follow social distancing norms.

Stay focused – avoid irritation to your system, in calmness lies the strength

Eat healthy, stay focused & follow your routines regularly is what we practice in both scenarios.

In preparation for one you take coaching classes while for the other we follow remedies for boosting our immunity.

Strengthen your mind strengthen your body

This current batch of students by the time they become CA’s and step into the real world, as Controllers, Finance Heads & CFO’s they would have already gathered the ability to manage uncertainty & complexity in the professional & personal lives. Their teachings from the pandemic would make them more versatile to manage complex unpredictable scenarios which most have learnt through our struggles or paid through expensive MBA courses.

Needless to mention the pandemic gave me a chance to writing, while the struggles of becoming a CA and during my professional career, hardly had i imagined i would be writing a blog.

So thnx to this virus, that gave me time to try out writing skills. Share ahead to boost the morale of this 2020 batch of CA’s & good luck for the coming exams.

Arjun Mehta
As a CA, having worked for 20+ years in the industry across regions, cultures and backgrounds, on my way to my entrepreneurial journey. Putting my learnings and experience to test. Not sure about the destination, but journey surely is exciting.

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